Gravity Dynamics and Gravity Noise on the Earth Surface

Libor Neumann



November 2003, modified January 2005


*      Abstract

The paper deals with gravity field time variation measurements on the Earth terrain level and above terrain level in horizontal plane.

Measurements made by 3 similar measurement sets in 15 localities in more than 4 years are the main data source. Static pendulum (pendulum with an absorber absorbing pendulum own swings) using 2D static optical contact-less sensor was used for gravity variation measurements.


The basic conclusions are:

•           A component of gravity interaction different from Newton’s gravity exists on the Earth surface.

•           Measured quantity includes great irregular component. Irregularity has pink noise (1/f) character.

•           Measured quantity includes great regular component with 24.00 hour basic period.

•           Absorption (shielding) effect caused by material between the gravity source and the measurement device was recognized. Gravity shielding effect value of concrete was estimated.

•           Space dependency of measured quantity is significantly different from Newton’s gravity. Strong altitude dependency and dependency on surrounding material features was recognized.

•           It was formulated hypothesis that force interaction of gravity field dynamic component can be proportional to time integral of interaction.

•           The measured features of the gravity interaction component don’t correspond to Einstein’s idea of the dynamic gravity behaviour.


PACS numbers: 91.10.Pp,  04.80.-y


*      The paper on line text (html – 104kB + 7 figures),  PDF version (445kB)



*      Appendix A - Measuring Device and

Measurement Method  on line text (html

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*      Appendix B - Measured Results,

Reproducibility and Space Dependency

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*      Appendix C - External Impacts

on line text (html – 264kB + 254 figures),

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*      Measuring device source code

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*      Selected measured data (zip – 766kB)

*      One day snapped image animation

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