Measuring Device Description


*      How the measuring device is designed,

*      How to manufacture the device from easy accessible components,

*      Measuring device parameters,

*      How to manipulate with the device on line text (html – 117kB + 23 figures), PDF version (2.2MB)



*      Source code and other files

for the measuring device

(gzip compressed tar archive - 247kB,

tar uncompressed archive – 470kB)

The software is licensed under

GNU General Public License

It is free of charge if used for research,

private study or education.



*      Raw measured data output

with description archive (zip – 148kB)

readme (txt – 3kB), result (txt – 654kB)



*      Selected measured data (zip – 766kB)


*      One day snapped image animation

(avi – 530kB)


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